Monday, November 22, 2010

TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead "Vatos"

     Tonight’s episode was written by Robert Kirkman himself and opens with a nice scene with Amy and Andrea reminiscing about their father. Sometimes you forget the gravitas of the situation these characters are in and the scene forced the viewer to step back and contemplate this. It's a sweet scene that sets up symmetry to the episode, which gets spelled out during the climax of the episode when all hell breaks loose.

     With the last episode, we were left with quite the cliffhanger and we pick up right where we left off with Rick and company. They don't find Merle but the search for him takes them on quite the adventure. In the midst of them trying to retrieve the lost weapons, Daryl gets jumped, by some 'vatos' and Glenn gets kidnapped. But Rick and company capture a hostage of their own, who guides them to the gang's hideout. The scenes that follow showcase Rick's level of courage as he decides to get Glenn back, at all costs. But the gang isn't who they seem to be and there's a nice little twist that was welcome. The way they handled the twist was pretty damn cheesy and that took away from its desired effectiveness. But at the same time, it was nice that the unexpected happened, so points for that.

     Back at the camp, one of the survivors, Jim, is going a bit crazy (digging graves) and just all around creeping out the rest of the campers. Andrew Rothenberg does a fine job playing a man who clearly is starting to lose it. Shane does a fairly good job handling it and it ends in Jim getting tied to a tree. Jim makes mention of dreams he's been having and it leaves us with some foreboding warnings of what's to come. And boy do those warnings come to fruition. During a seemingly peaceful night around the campfire, shit hits the fan as some zombies show up to spoil everything. Things get really bad and many characters, who we've come to know die. Rick and friends show up just in time to join the fight. The gore is heavy during this intense and tragic action sequence. KNB didn't fail to impress with their excellent make-up work.
     The Walking Dead comic has a knack for killing off characters that you've come to know and it's great to see the show doing the same. Unpredictability is a great thing. I'm excited to see where the show is taken from here, as they clearly will be leaving the camp. The departure from the comic is something that I thought I would dislike but it helps keep me excited about the unknown future of the show. Only two episodes left, not nearly enough for my liking.  

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