Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jay's 4th Annual Horrorfest

       For the fourth straight year, I've decided to do my own little personal horrorfest. I watch horror films, mainly by myself and at times with family and friends. I watch a film for each day of the month of October. I'm extremely excited about this years' crop of movies so I'm very anxious to get it started. Not only is my list mostly compiled of films I've never seen, but I'm also starting the fest on September 21st, instead of waiting for October 1st. Here's my list of films for this year. The films that are colored in red are the ones I have never seen.

October 1st: Scream
October 2nd: Noroi
October 3rd: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
October 4th: The Phantom of the Opera    
October 5th: Jacob’s Ladder
October 6th: The Dead Zone
October 7th: The Mummy
October 8th: Trilogy of Terror
October 9th: Les Diabolique
October 10th: They Live
October 11th: Dolls
October 12th: Phantasm
October 13th: Nosferatu
October 14th: When A Stranger Calls
October 15th: Twilight Zone Night: Eye of the Beholder, Game of Pool, A Stop at Willowbee, The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
October 16th: N/A: Videogame Marathon
October 17th: Duel
October 18th: Kaidan (Ghost Stories)
October 19th: Cropsey
October 20th: Tokyo Gore Police
October 21st: Rosemary’s Baby
October 22nd: Night of the Hunter
October 23rd: Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments
October 24th: Rec 1&2
October 25th: The Blair Witch Project/Curse of the Blair Witch
October 26th: Candyman
October 27th: Session 9
October 28th: Psycho
October 29th: The Shining
All Hallows Eve: Trick R’ Treat
Halloween Night: Halloween

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